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Love Oils Rollerball Gift Set from Good Clean Love

Love Oils Rollerball Gift Set from Good Clean Love

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Be ready for all of your lover's moods with three travel-size rollerball-top bottles of best-selling love oils: Indian Spice, Caribbean Rose, and Origins. Used individually each oil develops its own personality and evokes a distinct love response. Combining them makes for a real love adventure. Take an exotic voyage into new intimate lands and discover a new language of love through the scents of distant lands. Natural aphrodisiac aromatherapy at your fingertips!

Good Clean Love Oils make touching, kissing, and smelling each other better and leave your skin feeling as good as it smells. They are extremely nourishing to the skin, with the ability to soften, smooth, and heal the skin. Made with pure essential oils from all over the world.

All Good Clean Love oils are made with apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, Tocopherol, and an exotic blend of essential oils. They are safe to use anywhere on the body. 100% vegan, edible. Apply lavishly to every kissable part of your lover's body.

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